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NEWS Updates - not posted elsewhere

PostPosted: Jan 12, 2006 (9:44 pm)
by Leyara
Just a few game updates of interest...

01-12-2006 **NEW** You should now gain appropriate experience for NPC kills from barbs, spikes, blades, Unholy Aura, and Rhadam's Curse.

01-12-2006 **NEW** Enhancement-enchanted magic items will once again increase attack rating instead of decreasing it.

01-12-2006 **NEW** You should no longer see odd, large numbers in INFO for attack rating.

PostPosted: Jan 15, 2006 (1:35 am)
by Leyara
01-14-2006 **NEW** Re-connecting to a ghosted character will no longer display arrival messages if you are hidden or invisible.

01-14-2006 **NEW** REROLL'ed characters will now correctly lose all skills and any earned titles from the trainable spell system (for Mages and Wizards). Likewise, joining the Necromancer guild from the Mage's guild will now correctly remove earned titles from the trainable spell system.

PostPosted: Jan 20, 2006 (12:24 am)
by Leyara
More recent news not posted elsewhere here in the Updates folder:

01-17-2006 **NEW** Some typos have been fixed in various systems: "agressors", "disolvents", "distored", "exclaming", "metalurgy", "radient", and "suroundings".

01-18-2006 **NEW** A fix was made to Druid barehanded combat, which was giving far more damage than it should have. Druids who were previously monks still do not gain their unarmed combat bonuses (now that we have shapeshifting).

01-18-2006 **NEW** A fix was made to Avian wings, which were not retaining their feather color. If you are an Avian or Half-Avian and missing your desired feather color, please ASSIST for the staff to relocate you to the character management system to rechoose this feature.

01-19-2006 **NEW** Several optimizations have been made to how the game engine handles the creation of objects in its database, which should eliminate most, if not all, of the general lag issues when items are created in batches, particularly during treasure drops.

01-19-2006 **NEW** In an effort to reduce overall system lag, several changes have been made to the operations of our partner product, Haelrahv, and some backup processes that operate using the same hardware that the Eaxia Online game engine is also located on.

COMING SOON -- In a further effort to reduce overall system lag, we will be setting a limitation on the number of items allowed to be placed in homes and changing how encumbrance works on a broad scale soon. For more details, please read:

PostPosted: Jan 20, 2006 (12:50 am)
by Leyara
01-19-2006 **NEW** The most common cause for critical game faults that cause the game to shut down and automatically restart involves NPC critical attacks against players (damaging an area that causes an instant death). This bug should now be fixed, which should reduce the frequency of game faults considerably.

PostPosted: Jan 23, 2006 (10:06 am)
Will the vaults have an item limit or will it stay with a weight limit? I have a large collection of carved gems(which are currently in my house and would have to be moved), they add up quick but do not weigh that much. Don't really want to have to lose them all after spending so much time collecting them.