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Updates to DANCE and SCRATCH

PostPosted: Jan 3, 2006 (10:30 pm)
by Leyara
01-03-2006 The following updates have been made:

DANCE - You will no longer be able to dance with someone who is not standing. Also, it is no longer possible to dance around a worn object.

SCRATCH - Scratching a corpse will no longer give the same messaging as scratching a live player. Additional options have also been added (type SCRATCH for more information). Minotaurs, Drago and Rurowli might notice some messaging differences compared to other races.

PostPosted: Jan 5, 2006 (6:51 pm)
>scratch eyes
You scratch at a tiny piece of tiger's eye.

Try as I might, I couldn't scratch my eyes. Other than that, cool :twisted:

PostPosted: Jan 6, 2006 (7:43 pm)
by Leyara
Thanks for catching that, should be fixed now. :)