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combat rewrite

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2005 (7:55 am)
by Guest
I was just wondering what probably most of the players are wondering for the past months. Any news on when the combat rewrite is going to be finished?? Any clues at least so to know will it be done in the next month or in the next year or something like that. Just to give us some ideas when it could acctually happen. Thanks, and I do hope this gets answered even if not with specific time, but at least the "when about".

PostPosted: Apr 24, 2005 (9:44 am)
Yeah, just seems like we're constantly waiting and waiting while projected release dates go by with no updates. It'd be nice to hear what's going on with it, since it's something that every player here is concerned with.


PostPosted: Jun 2, 2005 (10:34 pm)
Any news on this yet? Progress, release date?

~ Fale Tarrian

PostPosted: Jun 5, 2005 (6:59 pm)
Last I heard was that there was no prospective release date, because Exxy kept running into bugs in other systems and stuff like that.


PostPosted: Jul 1, 2005 (11:11 am)
I'm all for surprises, but news is good. Going to be leaving for a while again soon, so hopefully will be pleasantly surprised when I get back!

PostPosted: Jul 25, 2005 (6:13 am)
I've got myself chained to my desk with a stock of caffeinated beverages until I finish this monster project. The prior problems with the new combat system versus NPCs that a few of you were talking about is resolved and we're passed that. In fact, most of the remaining code largely requires copy/pasting sections of code and modifying them slightly for the various combat styles. Then we need to work on rebalancing, equipment, and magic before it goes live, but those are all menial tasks and can be spread out between the current staff -- it's not all on my shoulders from that point forward.

I'd really like to thank you all for the huge show of patience while you've waited for this system. And patience must be rewarded, so stay tuned...

As far as some kind of guesstimated timeline, I'm hoping for another public test in the next week and for the whole thing to go live sometime the week after, but that can change depending on testing and snags.

PostPosted: Jul 25, 2005 (8:10 pm)
Just wanted to say, that's really nice to hear, thanks for the work, and can't wait to see it (especially if the ranger guild is next on the "menu"). And thanks for posting the info on it too, may seem as a lil thing but is acctually great to see staff members posting something from time to time.

PostPosted: Jul 30, 2005 (12:23 am)
3 words: YAY!!!!!!! (and) Thank you!!!!!!! :)

PostPosted: Jul 30, 2005 (12:24 am)
3 words: YAY!!!!!!! (and) Thank you!!!!!!! :)

PostPosted: Oct 15, 2005 (9:43 pm)
Just wondering if there's any update on the current status of the combat rewrite. Thanks.