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Magic In Eaxia, History Of Eaxia And The Flow


The Before Time
Long before any of the Twelve Races walked upon the lands of Eaxia, even before the Old Gods still held power, there was the Before Time. Nameless, faceless Gods created the world out of the Void and set into motion the stars in the sky. But they were alone in this vast place they had created. They then set about creating a race to share the wonders with them. This was the birth of Dragons. They saw they had endowed their creations with too much power and sent them into a magical sleep.

Soon, however, they grew lonely again, so they created new creatures, like, yet unlike the Dragons. Mighty beasts roamed the lands, seas and skies of Eaxia, but they lacked the intelligence of the Dragons, and so were unimpressed with the wonders the Gods had made. The Gods resolved to change this, and took a few of the beasts, and made from them a new race, called today, the Saurians. They were able to tame some of the beasts, and built great cities, and worshiped the ones who made them, and for a time, things were good.

But, deep in the caverns where they were placed in slumber, the Dragons began to stir. It was not long before some of the Saurians chanced upon some, and they beheld the Dragons in their might, and worshipped them as Gods. The Creator Gods took offense, and it was not long before they made preparation for war upon their firstborn.

The war, when it came, was frightful to behold, as God and Dragon fought each with all their strength, cunning and magic. To the Dragons and the Gods, a mere blip of time passed while they warred, but to the Saurians, it was lifetimes. Their cities were laid waste, and they and their beasts slain. Their cries went unheard as the battles raged until at last, only a few voices remained. By this time, the Gods had slain or vanquished most of their firstborn, but upon seeing what had been wrought by their anger, they knew now only sadness. They could not save the Saurians, for the last of that kind lay dying. Weakened as they were from ages of war, the Gods held council and decided to sacrifice themselves in order that Eaxia might live on. They took up the last Saurian and charged him with being the guardian of what they were about to create with the last of their strength. Mylar, for that was the name the Gods gave him, watched as the Gods each, in turn, died, sending his or her essence out into what was to be known as The Flow. The Flow became the embodiment of all of creation's power.

From the Flow a new group of Gods emerged. Mylar met them and told them of their creation and of what had happened before that time. He then retired to a place away from these Gods, for they were not his Gods, and Watched the Flow, guarding it against any happenstance.


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