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Classes & Guilds, Thieves


Vital Statistics:
prestige class (levels 15+)
good pain tolerance
average physical defense
good combatant

Evolution Options:
only from Traveler

Guild Location:
Semanri, east section

Ability List:
Repeating Crossbow Profficiency
Affix Barbs
Apply Poisons
Affix Spikes
Thiefly Stance
Apply Acids
Affix Blades any learned from base class

Other Class Features:
can disable traps, access the Black Market, engage in looting
Thieves, by their very nature, are a secretive group. While little is known of this guild other than it appears to only accept former Travelers into its ranks, much speculation goes on as to their motives.

Some become thieves because it is the only life they have known, living by their wits and nimble fingers, while others enjoy the rush of the possibility of being caught, while still others do it out of sheer greed.

Thieves are able to hone their skills at disabling traps, picking locks, escaping and hiding, for examples, better than any other class. It is also rumored that they are able to attack from the shadows, and/or from behind a target using great stealth and agility.

While most locations of guild halls are common knowledge, this guild keeps theirs secret, to the point that some Eaxians do not believe there is even a Thieves guild, but rather is the fanciful imagination of those too embarrassed to admit that a simple Traveler was able to steal from them.

If the Thief Guild does indeed exist, it is likely that they value both agility and coordination to get by in life, and to keep their actions, and those of their guild, hidden from too much scrutiny.

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