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Classes & Guilds, Mages


Vital Statistics:
base class (levels 1-20)
poor pain tolerance
poor physical defense
poor combatant

Prestige Options:

Guild Location:
City of Semanri, north/northeast section

Ability List:
Simple Weapon Proficiency (all)

Spell List:
Locate Person, Flash, Singe, FlameStream, FireGouge, Lava Wrath, Frost, Blast Of Cold, Frost Fist, Blizzard, Rock Charge, Stone Spike, Granite Swarm, Bone Shatterer, Sharp Gust, Pressurize, Jaws Of Wind, Tornado, Zap, Magic Missile, Lightning Strike, Magnificent Beam
Magic is life... it exists in all shapes and matter. Without its essence, life and the very world would cease to exist. Mages, through great study and trial, learn to harness the essences of magic to cast simple spells. While it may seem simple, mages know that the cost is great! Many years of dedicated study including massive books and scrolls, learning the correct incantations, gestures, and use of components are some things required to cast even the simplest spells.

Anyone intelligent enough to learn, and dedicated enough to study may become a mage. Their adventuring career can be from a desire to fight against evil, or promote it, or simply from a desire to see their own ends met.

A mage's combat abilities are very weak; many years spent pouring over books leaves them wanting for the physical necessities of wielding weapons with great skill. However their strength is in their spells; using these they are capable of keeping up with those of other disciplines well enough in most situations.

The study needed to become a mage and to become adept at channeling its essence is said to take years. This endeavor takes great patience and gains the mage the discipline essential to become an adept spellcaster. It is only through their keen discipline that they may channel the chaos that is magic, shaping it to their desires.

Mages are either rivals or allies; there is little room for middle ground. Many years of being locked away with their books can leave them distrustful of others, hoarding their magic to their own purpose. Or it may affect them conversely of this: many an elder mage will take on apprentices, and teach them in the ways of the arcane.

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