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Classes & Guilds, Barbarians


Vital Statistics:
prestige class (levels 15+)
excellent pain tolerance
excellent physical defense
excellent combatant

Evolution Options:
only from Fighter

Guild Location:
north of Cal'ziz

Ability List:
Charge Attack
Affix Barbs
Bash Boxes
Disarm Opponent
Whirlwind Attack any learned from base class

Other Class Features:
clan memberships available for extra character bonuses
Barbarians are those Fighters that either come from a more primitive/savage background, or have decided to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of skill at arms at the expense of all other skills.

Two forms of Barbarians exist on Eaxia: the true savage and the gladiator. Both are extremely tough opponents. The former uses his/her skill to overcome great odds, hunting down fearsome beasts and monsters for the thrill of the chase and the kill. Gladiators, on the other hand, seek riches and fame by using their skills in bloody sporting events, designed to both shock and amaze audiences.

In either case, Barbarians not only learn to use their weapons far more effectively than do Fighters, they gain skills that aid them in incapacitating and overcoming their prey/victims. They often charge headlong into battle, and thanks to their superior training, are able to take much more punishing blows than most other combatants. Likewise, their skill at arms is unmatched by any current guild.

Barbarians, while having no match in combat, do have a weakness. They are unable to use magic in any form, other than divinely granted healing through a Cleric or one of the evolved guilds that are granted this ability. Weapons, armor and other items are shunned as crutches used by those who are too weak to live up to the lifestyle of a Barbarian. Though they are not affected by damaging spells any more so than any other guild, they generally avoid confronting spellcasters, preferring to challenge true combat opponents.

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